IDEEA - SCOTUS Admissions Statement

In response to the Supreme Court's recent ruling against the use of race-conscious policies in college admission, WASFAA would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our continued commitment to advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in our financial aid communities. Not only does this ruling immediately impact our partners in Admissions, but it also impacts all higher education institutions who strive to diversify. This long-standing practice has had immense impact in diversifying and enriching higher education institutions. 

In line with our mission to promote the participation of members who honor and reflect diversity of the student populations we serve, we recognize that diversity of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives in our WASFAA community is what helps us thrive as an organization.

In line with WASFAA’s core values of Professional Growth & Development, Inclusiveness, Advocacy and Collaboration, WASFAA continues to promote resources to our member schools that reflect our shared missions and values, while complying with the law. While race alone cannot be an Admissions criteria, we as schools and administrators can continue to support outreach efforts to our neediest populations, encourage conversation, strategize on the impact to financial aid policy and procedures, and support staff in efforts towards inclusiveness. With the support of the WASFAA IDEEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Ethnicity, Equity, and Action) and Training committees we are proud to offer sessions that align with our ideals.   By fostering inclusion and equipping members to assist the diverse populations we serve, we recognize the critical need and ongoing efforts to address racial disparities through advocacy and action.