2004-2005 Leadership

Leadership Archive Index

State Presidents
     Karrie M Trautman, Alaska

     University of Alaska - Anchorage
     Email: ankms1@uaa.alaska.edu

     Terri L Eckel, Arizona
     Northern Arizona University
     Email: Terri.Eckel@nau.edu

     Wayne A Mahoney, California
     Southwestern University School of Law
     Email: wmahoney@swlaw.edu

     Dwight R Berreth, Idaho
     Boise State University
     Email: dberreth@boisestate.edu

     Jacquie A Carroll, Nevada
     University of Phoenix - Las Vegas, NV
     Email: jacquie.carroll@apollogrp.edu

     David P Allen, Oregon
     Multnomah Bible College/Seminary
     Email: dallen@multnomah.edu

     Frank N Green, Pacific Islands
     Travel Institute of The Pacific
     Email: airtrac@aloha.net

     Rick H Sinclair, Washington
     Interface Computer School
     Email: rsinclai@Interface-net.com

     Kathleen L Campbell, Chair

     Chemeketa Community College
     Email: camk@chemeketa.edu

     Kate L Peterson, Chair

     Oregon State University - Corvallis, OR
     Email: kate.peterson@oregonstate.edu

     Paul Krull, Co-Chair

     University of Portland
     Email: krull@up.edu

     Tracy L Reisinger, Co-Chair
     University of Portland
     Email: reisinge@up.edu

Electronic Services
     Peter T Miller, Chair

     Alaska Pacific University
     Email: pmiller@alaskapacific.edu

Federal Issues
     Tami A Sato, Chair

     Southern California College of Optometry
     Email: tsato@scco.edu

     Committee Members:
     Kentiner A David - CSU - Chico
     Tracey A Lehman - Oregon Institute of Technology
     Dawn McCoy - The College Board
     Vicki Shipley - Southwest Student Services Corporation

Fiscal Planning
     Kay W Soltis, Chair

     Pacific Lutheran University
     Email: soltiskw@plu.edu

     Committee Members:
     Kathryn J Anderson - CSU - Northridge
     Theresa E Bosworth - Blue Mountain Community College
     Mark S Herndon - CSU - Bakersfield
     Peter T Miller - Alaska Pacific University
     Kate L Peterson - Oregon State University - Corvallis, OR
     Judy M Saling Field - University of Oregon
     Lana J Walter - Northwest University
     James A White - Seattle University

Fund Development
     Judy M Saling Field, Chair

     University of Oregon
     Email: jsaling@uoregon.edu

     Theresa E Bosworth, Co-Chair
     Blue Mountain Community College
     Email: tbosworth@bluecc.edu

     Peggy R Crawford, Chair

     Southwest Student Services Corporation
     Email: pcrawford@sssc.com

Historical Archives
     Kate H Bligh, Chair

     Nellie Mae
     Email: kate_bligh@nelliemae.com

Management/Leadership Institute
     G. Michael Johnson, Co-Chair

     NELA-Northwest Education Loan Association
     Email: mikej@nela.net

     Catherine A King-Todd, Co-Chair
     Thunderbird -The Garvin School of International Management
     Email: kingtodc@t-bird.edu

     Wendy Z Olson, Chair

     Whitworth College
     Email: wolson@whitworth.edu

     Committee Members:
     Mark S Herndon - CSU - Bakersfield

     Pat Peppin, Co-Chair

     Mesa Community College
     Email: pat.peppin@mcmail.maricopa.edu

     Kathreen A Silva, Co-Chair
     University of Idaho
     Email: kathreen@uidaho.edu

Nominations & Elections
     Kate L Peterson, Chair

     Oregon State University - Corvallis, OR
     Email: kate.peterson@oregonstate.edu

     Committee Members:
     Mona Concha-Buckheart - Truckee Meadows Community College
     Pamela H Doerner - University of Alaska - Anchorage
     Mark S Herndon - CSU - Bakersfield
     Ronald M Noborikawa - Pacific Lutheran University
     Doug B Severs - Idaho State University
     Frank Silva - University of Hawaii - Manoa

Policies & Procedures
     Kate L Peterson, Chair

     Oregon State University - Corvallis, OR
     Email: kate.peterson@oregonstate.edu

Site Selection
     Leonard R Walker, Jr., Chair

     University of Nevada - Reno
     Email: lrwalker@unr.edu

Strategic Planning
     Mark S Herndon, Chair

     CSU - Bakersfield
     Email: sherndon@csub.edu

Summer Institute
     Jack Millis, Chair

     Claremont Graduate University
     Email: jack.millis@cgu.edu

     Don Black, Chair

     Email: don.black@nelnet.net

Ethnic Diversity Action
     Frank Silva, Chair

     University of Hawaii - Manoa
     Email: silvafra@hawaii.edu

     Committee Members:
     Jacqueline Brathwaite - Boise State University
     April D Campbell - Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
     Kathy A Colasurdo - Bellevue Community College
     Yvonne J Hicks - College Loan Corporation
     Pat Peppin - Mesa Community College
     Luhui Whitebear - Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde