2022-2023 Executive Council and Committee Chairs

Elected Officers


Nicole McMillin

Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine


Amanda Cornelius

Northern Arizona University

Past President

Sarah Everitt

Gonzaga University

Vice President

Jenna Eastman

Nevada State College


Zoe Rae

Western Washington University


Ashley Coleman

University of Oregon

IDEEA Representative-at-Large and IDEEA Chair

Edgar Martinez

University of California, Los Angeles

State Presidents

AASFAA - Arizona

Kelly O'Brien

Yavapai College

ALASFAA - Alaska

Martika Hubbard

University of Alaska - Fairbanks

CASFAA - California

Bronwyn Garrison

University of California, San Diego

IASFAA - Idaho

Laura Hughes

Lewis-Clark State College

NAFAA - Nevada

Mayra Moore

Nevada State College

OASFAA - Oregon

Lois DeGhetto

Oregon State University

PacFAA - Hawaii and Pacific Islands

Kolby Santiago

University of Hawaii, Hilo

WFAA - Washington

Lynette Splinter

Seattle University School of Law



Shawn Domingo

Ohlone College

Segmental Representative-at-Large

Kim Thomas


Committee Chairs and Other Appointees

Awards and Scholarships Chair

Christina Tangalakis

Glendale Community College

Communications Chair

Heather Rosinbum

University of Arizona

Conference Chair

Art Young

University of Arizona

Electronic Services Chair

John Bender III

Lewis-Clark State College

Federal Relations Chair

Leslie Hammes

Central Washington University

Fiscal Planning Chair

Mindy Bergeron

The Wright Institute

Fund Development Chair

Greg Kerr


Historical Archives Chair

Ashley Salisbury

University of Nevada, Reno

Jerry R. Sims Management & Leadership Institue Chair

Anthony Morrone

Nevada State College

Membership Chair

Jannine Oyama

University of Hawaii System

Rebekah Hoppel Salcedo Leadership Development Program Chair

JW Lazzari

Western Nevada College

Sister Dale Brown Summer Institute Chair

Ashley Munro

University of Alaska - Fairbanks

Site Selection Chair

Dewayne Barnes


State Presidents Group Chair

Daniel Lemus

Boise State University

Training Chair

Aurie Clifford

Pima Community College

Travel Coordinator

Sandi Guidry

University of Nevada, Reno

Volunteer Development Chair

Janelle Cook

University of Alaska