WASFAA Statement of Solidarity, June 2020

In this time of national mourning and outrage, our hearts go out to the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and to the countless other victims of racial violence. These murders and subsequent public outcry have made it critically important for our country to acknowledge and commit to dismantling the systems of oppression that have historically torn apart communities of color.WASFAA’s vision is to cultivate an increasingly educated society by supporting and furthering the work of informed, ethical, and diverse student financial aid administrators and related professionals. Racism is antithetical to our vision.

We stand against any effort to suppress the voices and actions of under-represented persons and groups of people within our membership and larger communities. We do not see this as an issue of politics, but as an issue of ethics. We challenge our membership to envision a world of equal opportunity and access for all students.

In order to get there, we must first level the playing field for all students and members. Our region includes areas both urban and rural, traditional and progressive; our strength comes from these differences. WASFAA is proud of the diligent work we do to help students and our members succeed. Opinions will vary, but we share a fundamental understanding that there is no room for racist thought or action. We ask our membership to care for their emotional and physical wellness during these uncertain times and to use their voices to speak out for a more just America.

In Solidarity,

Dr. Christina Tangalakis, Chair, WASFAA Ethnic Diversity Action Committee

Anthony Morrone, WASFAA President