Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


WASFAA Executive Council
The Grove Hotel, Boise, Idaho
June 28 & 29, 2001

Present: A. Davis, S. Herndon, D. Black, C. King-Todd, B. Burnett, D. Allen, J. Oyama, J. Brathwaite, L. Whitelaw, W. Olson, B. Alm, P. Miller, K. Soltis, K. Bligh, P. Doerner, R. Dunn, J. White, K. Peterson, L. Murphy, J. Sims, J. Lewis Logue, K. Naig, D. Caldwell, T. Sato, L. Walker, L. Walter, F. Dinnan

Guests: Karen Dowdall

Meeting called to order at 8:35am on June 28, 2001 at the Grove Hotel, Boise, Idaho.

Federal Issues Committee
Addalou introduced Tami Sato, Federal Issues Chair. Members: Sam Collie, Nancy Coolidge, Jennifer Freimund, and David Tolman. Written report provided. Discussion of federal financial aid issues: NASFAA issues of concern, legislative bills affecting student aid, and update on USDE training.

Electronic Issues Committee – Peter Miller
  1. Membership chair will soon have access to membership database in which to update membership base.
  2. Members will be assigned a password and id and will have the ability to update own info on the web.
  3. Peter has emailed members on how to subscribe to new listserve. Peter will put on old listserve the way to subscribe to the new listserve.
  4. There are two list serves for the EC: voting members, and entire council and chairs.
  5. Forms that will be put on-line: Steve’s version of new reimbursement form and research application.
  6. Peter will update new EC and calendar on website.
Membership Committee – Pam Doerner
  1. Committee is looking at offering creative membership opportunities: coupons available offering 2 for 1 membership, two years for the price of one, a retirement membership at a reduced rate.
  2. Addalou suggested that Peter put a map on the website and indicate the part of the country that is WASFAA.
Ethnic Diversity Action Committee (EDAC) – Jannine Oyama
  1. Each state is represented on the committee and each member will present a session at the appropriate state conference.
  2. See written report for committee members and scholarship winners.
  3. At the Boise Conference there will be a newcomer’s session that will include past EDAC scholarship winners per Barb Alm. Kate Bligh to look for past scholarship recipient winners in archives to provide to Jannine. Jannine will provide Barb Alm the list of scholarship winners that are to be invited to the reception at the Boise conference.
  4. There was a budget request from EDAC to increase budget by $1,000. Committee requires $5000 a year to operate. As Dec. 2000 expenses were carried into 2001 the request is withdrawn, as there will be adequate funds.
Research Committee – Rod Dunn
  1. See written report of state website addresses and newsletter publication schedule.
  2. Working on putting together a committee.
  3. Brandon Rogers did a great job on the AmeriCorps session at WASFAA, 2001. Boise Conference Committee to ask Brandon Rogers to present a session. Funding for AmeriCorps was maintained in this administration.
  4. One of the purposes of the research grant is to have others do research on financial aid. There is a national group of financial aid researchers--Rod will connect with them. One does not have to be a member of WASFAA to apply for the research grant but will need to have a sponsoring member.
  5. Rod will advertise in newsletters regarding availability of grant and write an article in WASFAA newsletter about Brandon Rogers and his session on AmeriCorps.
  6. Youlonda Copeland-Morgan commented that NASFAA has had difficulty getting someone to go forward with a research grant. Addalou will work with Jeff Shepard at NASFAA to advertise that the grant is available.
  7. Ron will work with Jerry Sims on adding the Research Committee to the P&P.
Barb Alm inquired what had happened to the fund that had been established in which donations would be accepted and the interest would be used for research? The fiscal planning committee will look into this.

Historical Archives Committee – Kate Bligh
All papers have a home! Applause. Applause.
  1. The remaining work is to file everything in chronological order and make sure there is no misfiling.
  2. Kate will bring to the fall meeting a proposal on storing archives electronically.
  3. Jerry will put in P&P where archives are housed.
– Addalou Davis
  1. Notes from the NASFAA Board Meeting, Aspen, Co. See written report.
  2. Addalou will contact Cruzie Lucero regarding Nat’l Chair’s involvement at regional conferences and will inform Barb Alm re: conference.
  3. Addalou will make table tents for members.
  4. There is now a listserve for state and regional presidents and president- elects.
  5. Barb Alm requested that Addalou ask if it is possible for WASFAA members to go to NASFAA as an intern similar to what Addalou described as possibilities for students. Addalou will address this possibility at the next NASFAA meeting.
Wendy Olson suggested the state presidents meet to discuss state issues. They will meet tomorrow at 7:30 am.

Graduate and Professional Issues – Peggy Crawford
No report on Graduate and Professional issues.

Training Committee – Lupita Murphy
Lupita is working on WASFAA/NASFAA regional training opportunities.

November Meeting
The November meeting will be at the Salishan Lodge in Oregon. The room nights reserved are the 1st and 2nd; the meeting is 2nd and 3rd.

Steve Herndon and Youlonda Copeland-Morgan will schedule a fiscal planning meeting to meet before the November meeting.

Proprietary Issues – David Caldwell
  1. State Presidents will provide David with the name of their state’s proprietary rep.
  2. David discussed the idea of having a session at the conference.
  3. Addalou will contact Ron Lee to see if proprietary schools could get credits for attending the conference/special breakouts. If certification/credit was available at the conference then more proprietary members might attend.
Newsletter Report – Becky Cady
  1. June/July issue not out due to CA brownout. The issue is due to be mailed out next week.
  2. Aug/Sept. July 6th the deadline for newsletter.
  3. Becky requested an article from Catherine King-Todd on the faculty perspective of MLI.
  4. See written report.
Travel Issue
Steve Herndon requested names of all committee members for travel approval. Addalou must authorize car rentals. Committee chair must sign committee member’s request for reimbursement.

April minutes read. Wendy Olson motioned to accept minutes as amended. Catherine King-Todd seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Steve Herndon
  1. See written reports.
  2. WASFAA voted to go from a fiscal year to calendar year at last year’s EC.
  3. Review of treasurer’s report and extensive discussion.
  4. Expense adjustments noted by treasurer. Wendy Olson moved to accept expense adjustments as discussed. Kim Naig seconded. Motion Carried.
Fiscal Planning
Youlanda Copeland-Morgan reported on Fiscal Planning meeting of the previous day, which was the first meeting of this committee for this year.

Issues Discussed:
  1. The EC is not familiar with the P&P as previous ECs.
  2. WASFAA does not currently work with a balanced budget--this is not in the P&P.
  3. New officers need to be educated as to fiscal responsibilities.
  4. WASFFAA must write down a framework and guidelines for future councils.
  5. Need to define structure to leave enough flexibility so committees can work without arms tied.
  6. Train EC and review archives.
Fund Development – Kay Soltis
Drayage bill for conference was $17,280.30. The higher than usual cost was due to weekend labor. See written report.

Conference Committee – Barb Alm
Idaho is excited that WASFAA is coming to Boise!
  1. All state presidents will receive 3 backpacks with postcard inviting them to Boise, Idaho. Please advertise conference and be creative in using the backpack to advertise the conference.
  2. Two keynotes: Dr. Tafolla and Stacy Allison, the first woman to reach Mount Everest.
  3. Conference information is on the website.
  4. Pre-conference mailing will be provided free from the conference center.
  5. In January, members from the last two years will receive the pre-conference mailing. Members will be referred to the website.
  6. Most activities will be taking place in the convention center.
  7. At this time, only Nevada has requested space for a state meeting.
  8. Barb is looking into obtaining discounts from airlines.
It was moved by Wendy Olson to charge $250 for the conference fee and a $30 membership fee. Laura Whitlaw seconded. Motion carried. Late registrants will be charged $35.

Discussion item
Barb would like WASFAA to discuss the opportunity of sponsoring a Disney pre-conference session. The Disney training seminars has been very well received. The training costs $175 per person; have to guarantee 100 attendees. Proposal is for WASFAA to subsidized $125 for those to attend pre-conference session. Discussion on Disney Proposal was tabled.

Summer Institute – Kate Peterson and Leonard Walker
  1. Kate and Leonard thanked everyone for attending the graduation dinner.
  2. Kate has rewritten P&P and will email to Jerry.
  3. Kate will write P&P for MLI.
  4. Reno is the site of the 2002 Summer Institute. Reno is home of balloon races.
Catherine King-Todd moved to provide Leonard Walker $600 for site visit in July to U of Nevada, Reno. Barbara Burnett second. Motion carried.

Management and Leadership Institute
The Executive Council will be meeting at Salishan Lodge prior to MLI in November 2001. Dave Allen moved that WASFAA approve the proposed fee for MLI. Jacqueline Brathwaite seconded motion. Motion Carried. The budget for MLI is $34,000. Dave Allen moved that the budget amount be approved. Kim Naig seconded the motion. Motion carried. The EDAC will offer a scholarship for the MLI. MLI if scheduled from Saturday Nov. 2 through Wednesday November 7th. Don Black will encourage participants to make travel arrangement through Travel Creations so that airport and shuttle-to-site arrangements can be coordinated.

Addalou Davis will schedule future second day lunches of the Executive Council to be served in the meeting room to save time.

Representative-at-Large: Jacqueline Braithwaithe
Addalou Davis requested Jacqueline to design a method to encourage students to thank their legislators for their support of financial aid.

The postcard will be mailed out to students in the fall, 2001. Jacqueline will prepare a budget for this expense for the Fiscal Planning Committee and will solicit further suggestions on the content of the postcard via e-mail.

President-Elect: Catherine King-Todd
  1. Catherine is continuing to make committee chair selections.
  2. The Western Association of Student Employment Administrators are interested in “piggy-backing” on WASFAA’s Hawaii conference. The two organizations could share trainers.
  3. Catherine would like to have a transition meeting prior to her first meeting as president. Items to be discussed: protocol, who can vote, policies and procedures.
  4. State presidents should inform Catherine of what type of information needed as new state presidents.
  5. Catherine would like states’ Federal Issues chairs be members of WASFAA’s Federal Issues Committee. Travel to be covered by WASFAA.
State presidents will be meeting on the second day of the EC meeting in November from 7:30 to 8:45am.

State Reports:

California, Alaska, Arizona, and Washington provided written state reports. Verbal reports follow:

Idaho: Idaho is offering a $500 Ethnic Diversity Scholarship to WASFAA members for the WASFAA 2002 Conference.

The Disney pre-conference training discussion was resumed. The Training Committee will handle the Disney pre-conference training, since it is technically not part of the conference. Barb Alm is now an “ad-hoc” Training Committee member so she can continue to work with Disney. Addalou will take an EC electronic vote to see if WASFAA is interested in providing Disney Training in conjunction with the conference.

New Business
Lana Walter will request funds at the November meeting for a new lap top computer. Dell and Sony were suggested products. Cost could be up to $2700. The current computer is old, heavy, ugly, and slightly damaged.

Kate Bligh thanked WASFAA for the donation and said that the painter was doing as well as could be expected, but that he will probably never be able to work again.

Jacqueline Brathwaite moved that meting be adjourned and Jannine Oyama seconded the motion. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 2:45pm June 29, 2001.

Respectfully submitted,
Lana Walter, WASFAA Secretary