Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


WASFAA Executive Council
Doubletree Hotel, San Jose, CA
April 23 & 24, 2001

Present: Addalou Davis, Steve Herndon, Don Black, Catherine King-Todd, Barbara Burnett, Doug Severs, David Allen, Lana Walter, Jannine Oyama, Jacqueline Brathwaite, Connie Burden, Ken Jackson, Laura Whitelaw, Wendy Olson, Barb Alm, Brenda Reeser, Judy Saling, Chemene Crawford, Peter Miller, Kay Soltis, Sun Ow, Kate Bligh, Pam Doerner, Rod Dunn, James White, Paul Phillips, Kate Peterson, Janet Cantelon, Lupita Murphy, Peggy Crawford, Jerry Sims, Judith Lewis Logue, Kim Naig, David Caldwell, Jennifer Freimund.

President Addalou Davis convened the meeting at 1:10pm.

President Davis welcomed members of WASFAA's Executive Council and Committee Chairs.

Discussion of future EC meeting location and dates:
June 28 & 29 The Grove Hotel, Boise, ID
Nov 1& 2 DoubleTree, Sedona, AZ
Late Winter Honolulu, Hawaii (J. White & P. Phillips to work out date w/hotel)
April 6& 7 The Grove Hotel, Boise, ID

Site Selection
Jim White and Paul Phillips are working on the site selection for conference 2005 which will be in Portland, Oregon. The DoubleTree at the Lloyd Center appears to be the front-runner although a contract has not yet been signed. Room rates are reasonable; room rates will be $113 in 2005. WASFAA has been working with International Meeting Networks (IMN). There is no charge to use the services of IMN. Jim & Paul will work with IMN as they deem necessary.

Summer Institute 2002
Leonard Walker is the Chair. Summer Institute is usually held in San Diego or Boise. In 2002 San Diego cannot host the Summer Institute. Discussion on where to hold the summer institute took place. Possible sites included U of Nevada Reno, U of Hawaii Manoa, or U of Alaska Anchorage.

Motion to select Reno, Nevada as site of Summer Institute made by Barb Burnett. Second by Wendy Olson. Motion carried.

Segmental Representative
Doug Severs moved to appoint Jacqueline Brathwaite as segmental representative. Second by Catherine King-Todd. Motion carried.

Management Leadership Institute 2001
Judith Lewis Logue is the Chair. Capacity of MLI is 40 participants. WASFAA has made available a scholarship to MLI for each state. The registration fee covers room & board but not membership fee or travel. EDAC will have two scholarship attendees. State presidents are to notify Judith and Steve Herndon as soon as possible of the scholarship winners to MLI. Dave Allen requested he be notified of scholarship winners for the regular summer institute 2001, Boise.

Addalou encouraged Committee Chairs to use members who have volunteered (list provided). A large number of members have volunteered. This is a great opportunity to engage members in WASFAA activities.

Management Leadership Institute 2002
Don Black & Kate Peterson are Co-Chairs. There was discussion on site selection and best time of year to offer MLI. Co-Chairs will look at Catalina Island CA & Salishan OR as well as other sites.

Goal Setting
Addalou led a discussion on goal setting.
  1. Addalou pledges to keep meetings on track.
  2. Wendy Olson presented a possible goal of increasing attendance at the WASFAA conferences. The more advanced level of staff person attends WASFAA while the support staff attends state conferences. Doug Severs will provide stats on which states and what sectors members are from whom usually attend WASFAA and President Addalou will procure registration stats from Andy Promsiri. This information will be used to evaluate how to encourage conference attendance.
  3. How can we market WASFAA?
    1. Educate our administrators on the valuable training WASFAA provides. Kate Peterson will provide information on how much it costs to hire and train new staff.
    2. Provide trainers with information on WASFAA in which to disseminate to groups.
    3. Include a WASFAA brochure when writing state and federal representatives.
  4. Steve Herndon reported that the Fiscal Guidelines are in need of updating: Youlonda Copeland-Morgan is the chair of fiscal planning committee and will be working on guidelines this year.
  5. Jim White questioned if WASFAA is meeting needs of customers. Discussion of training opportunities WASFAA offers. a.) Lupita Murphy reported that the training committee will be doing the NASFAA fall training. The NASFAA training material will be on Summer Packaging and creating a Policies and Procedures Manual. b.) Addalou has considered creating a session on Professional Judgment that she would present at the state conferences
Doug Severs will provide a slate of nominations for the November meeting. He requested EC members update him as to any issues they want addressed at NASFAA as he is shortly leaving for a NASFAA meeting.

Catherine King-Todd reported that she has three chairs for the conference in Hawaii in 2003 (Ken Souza, Mary San Augustin, and Eric Nemoto). NASFAA leadership conference was very good. Information provided on how to run a state or regional organization.

It was decided that members will sign themselves up to the new listserve rather than WASFAA putting all members on the listserve.

Youlonda Copeland-Morgan and Sister Dale have a historical list of all award recipients. Peter Miller will put the list out on the web.

Treasurer's Report
Steve Herndon reviewed the treasurer's report dated 4/8/2001.
#2) 26-week Treasury Bond will mature in June. This is currently under John Anderson's name. Motion made by Catherine King-Todd to provide Steve Herndon authority to start a new account in his name as representative of WASFAA. Seconded. Motion carried.

#3) Vanguard accounts will mature in Feb. 2002. At that time WASFAA will have to decide to move or not move the account.

#5) The tax return for the new shortened year has not been filed yet. CPA has filed an extension so we have 3 additional months.

#6) Auditors have completed the last two fiscal years (99-00 and the shortened 2000-year).

#7) Signature cards were updated with new member signatures.

Steve reviewed travel guidelines. Doug Severs moved to increase mileage reimbursement to 34.5 cents. Second Wendy Olson. Motion carried. (The reimbursement form will be available on the web)

Doug Severs moved to approve the fiscal guidelines that are part of the Policy and Procedures. Second Barbara Burnett. Motion carried.

Motion to approve treasurer's report by Doug Severs. Second Catherine King-Todd. Carried.

Addalou reviewed several issues:
  • All reports are to be typed and three holed punched.
  • Reviewed who is a voting member of the EC.
  • All chairs are encouraged to attend meetings (one of two co-chairs to attend, not both): site selection, MLI, fund development, summer institute, web, conference, training, P&P, newsletter, federal issues.
  • This council will review the Policies and Procedure Manual. All changes are to be sent to Jerry Sims and then presented to EC for review.
  • Budget will be reviewed at June's meeting. Each committee chair must be prepared to discuss budget. The budget through Dec.31st will be reviewed. At the Nov meeting EC will have to prepare budget for 2002.
  • State Reports: State reports due in writing to Addalou before meetings.
Judy Saling reported that there would be a new publication schedule. If state presidents are having difficulty with reports for the newsletter, Judy, requests that they assign someone in their state to write that report. In the future WASFAA will need to discuss going to an all-electronic format. Judy requested each state newsletter.

Conference Committee 2002
The Grove Hotel in Boise, Idaho. April 7-9. There is one over-flow hotel. Barb Alm and Brenda Reeser request approval of registration fee of $250,membership fee of $30, and a budget to be based on 500 attendees. This issue will be assigned to the fiscal planning committee. Dallas Martin, Jeff Baker, Cruzie Lucero (new NASFAA national chair) have been invited.

Kate Bligh
Discussion on the recent tragedy of Kate's house burning down. Catherine King-Todd moved to send $200 to the fund for the painter who was severely burned in the fire. Second Doug Severs. Motion Carried. Certificates will need to be replaced for Kate. Chemene Crawford was assigned this responsibility.

Research Committee
Rod Dunn reported that Brandon Rogers secured a grant from the Research Committee. $1500. Brandon was a presenter at WASFAA regarding Americorps.

Next meeting
Plan to arrive the evening of June 27th in Boise, ID. EC will attend the Summer Institute Banquet. Dress is business casual for the banquet.

Jacqueline Braithwaite discussed the possibility of a disaster fund for WASFAA to set up to use for situations when members experience a disaster/tragedy. WASFAA will put out on the listserve information the two funds that have been set up (one for Kate and one for the painter).

Wendy Olson moved to adjourn. Second Barbara Burnett. Motion carried. Adjourned at 11:57am April 24, 2002.

Submitted by:
Lana Walter, Secretary