Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


WASFAA Executive Council
San Jose, California
February 12 and 13, 2001

Present: Cheryl Anderson, Sister Dale Brown, Al Camp, Christina Castorena, Sam Collie, Addalou Davis, Toni DuBois, Rod Dunn, Frank Green, Steven Herndon, Catherine King-Todd, Kay Lewis, Judy Lewis-Logue, Ted Malone, James Martin, Peter Miller, Lupita Murphy, Sun Ow, Paul Phillips, Tracy Reisinger, Judy Saling, Kay Soltis, Doug Severs, Leonard Walker, Lana Walter, Jim White.
Department of Education: Marianna Deeken

President Doug Severs called the meeting to order at approximately 9:30 AM.

Addalou Davis moved that the minutes of 10/30/00 be approved as amended. Cheryl Anderson seconded and the motion was approved by voice vote.

Tracy Reisinger reported on Treasury activity from the shortened fiscal year of May 1-December 31, 2000 and the January 1-December 31, 2001 year as of 2/10/01. Mutual fund investments are down based on the losses in the stock market. A new T-Bill for $250,000 was purchased, but unfortunately the name on the fund is still under a previous treasurer's name. This will be corrected to Steve Herndon's name once his term as treasurer begins. The tax return for the shortened fiscal year is due May 15, but an extension is possible. Additional copies of the minutes of previous meetings are needed for the auditor and Kate Bligh and Tracy are working on locating them.

Catherine King-Todd motioned to approve and Ted Malone seconded the motion. The treasurer's report was approved by voice vote.

State Reports

Washington: Lana Walter reported that the conference held in Leavenworth in October 2000 was a success. The next conference is in Spokane on Oct. 10-12, 2001. "Mallenium" was held on the eastside of the state. Financial aid administrators answered questions about aid at the malls for outreach and community service. The WFAA web site is under construction. The next executive committee meeting will include a field trip to the capital to meet with state representatives and their staff. A transition retreat will be held in June for the transition between old and new executive committees.

Pacific Islands: Frank Green reported that almost 100% of the high schools had received information on financial aid-about 5000 students. Spring conference planning is underway. "Communicating Beyond.com" is the conference theme and UH-Manoa is the site. USA Group will provide training on February 23 on default prevention management. Federal training will be held on March 27 and March 30. New board ballots will be out in the mail soon.

Nevada: Al Camp reported that the joint conference with Arizona was a great success with record attendance. Plans for next year's conference in Lake Tahoe in November are underway. Elections are planned for early March. Training sessions for support staff and student services (non financial aid staff) are under development.

Oregon: The OASFAA Conference was held on February 4-6 in Salishan for 230 registrants. Sam Collie reported that Tom Turner, Jim Beyer and Connie Alexander were recognized at the conference for their contributions to the profession and to wish them well in their upcoming retirements. The OPB Financial Aid Night went well as presentations of financial aid information were made and phone bank volunteers answered questions. A new OASFAA list serve was implemented this year.

Idaho: Cheryl Anderson indicated that the financial aid information relayed through the Public Broadcasting Stations was well received this year. This is the third year for this activity and response grows each year. IASFAA is well on its way to meeting its goal of involving more members in leadership functions-all committees are now chaired and have full committee membership. The IASFAA Diversity scholarship form for the WASFAA conference in Boise has been revised and will be published in the next newsletter. The first newsletter on the web will be published this spring. The call for nominations and ballots will go out shortly. IASFAA will send two reps to the DC NASFAA Leadership training. An ad-hoc committee will review excess fund use and other fiscal issues for the IASFAA organization. Work on site selection for the autumn meeting on Oct 15-17 is under way.

California: Addalou Davis shared the activities of CASFAA. CASFAA has renewed the contract with Michael Alexander to serve as the webmaster for their site. The State Issues Committee's Day at the Capital is scheduled for March 1, 2001. California aid administrators will be meeting with state legislators to discuss aid issues and leave information about CASFAA. Mini conferences will be held again this summer.

Arizona: Catherine King-Todd reported on the record attendance of 309 at the Nevada/Arizona conference. Annual membership directories were given out at the conference. Training will be held throughout the state using the CORE materials. College Goal Sunday will be held again this year. This training targets first generation college students and is held statewide. Nineteen sites in the state will provide one on one assistance for students/parents seeking information about financial aid and how to apply. An all day hotline and television coverage will help get financial aid information out as well. Last year's event served approximately 3500 students and they hope to increase the numbers with this year's event. Spanish speaking workshops will be available as well-about 15 throughout the state.

Alaska: Peter Miller indicated that an Early Awareness program is being developed. WASFAA scholarship information/applications were mailed to encourage application.

Committee Reports

Electronic Services
Peter Miller reported that conference registration information will be on the web site soon as well as on-line registration capabilities. This will be in place in time for the conference. Other events will be able to use the web site for on-line registration, name tag printing, confirmation of payments, etc. Peter indicated that WASFAA's web page company will offer a reduced rate for any state association that wants to use the same WASFAA web page address (a page within a page). $75 per page for set up fee and $20 per month to maintain. $100 fee for domain name registration if you want to use your own name. The State Presidents should let Peter know if your state is interested in this arrangement. He would also like to add pictures of WASFAA Executive Committee members to the web so members can identify them.

Peter is looking into the possibilities of creating a WASFAA list serve for Executive Committee members that does not have an address change when the President's term is up. Most likely there will be an additional fee involved for the maintenance of this service.

Graduate Issues
Catherine King-Todd has identified a speaker to present a session on comparing alternative loans for the graduate/professional sector. She circulated a message for State Presidents to post on their list serves asking graduate/professional aid administrators contact Catherine. Catherine will generate a contact list for future use.

NASFAA Leadership Conference Scholarship
Catherine King-Todd shared that the WASFAA Scholarship to the NASFAA Leadership Conference was awarded to Pat Peppin of Glendale Community College, Glendale AZ. Ten applications were received. Catherine suggests that should WASFAA offer the scholarship again, open the application up to committee chairs and committee members to encourage interest in involvement and leadership within the association.

Ethnic Diversity Action Council
Christina Castorena reported on the activities of the committee. The scholarship application for the conference and summer institute has been updated. Deadline for conference applications was February 1. Seven applications were received. The institute and advanced institute deadline is May 1. The committee has selected the interest session for the WASFAA conference and completed a diversity session at CASFAA. The next meeting will be held on February 16 to select conference scholarship recipients. It was suggested that there be a reunion for past recipients of the scholarship at WASFAA in Boise. State presidents were urged to get the word out on the scholarships to the institutes.

Site Selection
Paul Phillips and Jim White presented information on site selection in Portland, OR for the 2005 WASFAA Conference. WASFAA is currently using International Meeting Network to aid with site selection and negotiations. Although this adds another layer between WASFAA and the hotel, IMN negotiates for us, reviews/clarifies contracts and the rates are not any higher.

The three sites under consideration were the Double Tree Lloyd Center, Double Tree Jantzen Beach, and Portland Marriott. Portland Marriott does not meet our space requirements and they do not meet our needs in other ways. Jim and Paul recommended that we select either of the Double Tree sites. Ted Malone moved we recommend the Lloyd Center Double Tree as our first choice and the Jantzen Beach Double Tree as our second choice. Addalou Davis seconded and the motion was passed. Ted and Addalou again moved that 4/15-19 be the first choice of dates for the conference in 2005. The motion passed.

Paul suggested we start to think about sites for WASFAA 2006 in Nevada, Southern California or Washington. WASFAA was last held in Nevada in 1996, last in S. California in 1999 and in Washington in 1998.

The Summer Basic Track Institute for 2002 site has not been selected. Give site suggestions to Jim White, including the availability of the site in early June and the approximate fees at each site. The site needs to accommodate 125 single rooms for students and 10 more for faculty, plus 6 to 7 break out rooms.

Fund Development
Sun Ow reported that Kay Soltis has sent out 185 sponsorship brochures for the conference. The amount of drayage in San Jose is considerably more expensive than previous sites ($12,000-$15,000 more than the budgeted $7,000). It was decided to wait to see the actual drayage costs before adjusting the WASFAA budget. Fund development should come up with a proposal relating to a web ad as part of the benefit of purchasing an ad.

Rod Dunn explained that the Research Committee is reviewing its first grant application. The research centers around the Americorps program. If awarded, the grant recipient should present the project at the conference. It was deemed appropriate to include some travel expenses to the conference as part of the awarded grant. James Martin and Toni DuBois offered one of the comp rooms to help cover lodging. Lana Walter indicated that the recipient could apply for a WFAA scholarship to cover conference fees. WASFAA will pay for air fare and one hotel night. It was suggested that the results of the research should be posted on the web site. Rod suggested that "Research Grant" be added as a separate item on the web page as well as correct the application to state that proposals are accepted throughout the year.

Summer Advanced Track
The Summer Advance Track will be held June 9 through noon June 13 at the Univ. of San Diego as reported by Judy Lewis-Logue. The event will be limited to 40 participants. Cathy Thomas and Doug Severs are on the faculty so far. Judy plans an April 9 faculty meeting at UC San Diego.

The financial goal for the Advanced Track is to break even with costs. Projected range for participants costs is $425 for on campus residents and around $200 for commuters.

It was suggested by Peter Miller to change the name of the Advanced Track to WASFAA Management and Leadership Institute. This name change will avoid confusion with the Basic Summer Institute. In addition, the Basic Summer Institute can now be know as the Summer Institute. It was also suggested that a logo be developed that does not relate to the site the activity is held, but allows for a standard logo that could be customized each year. This will provide for easy recognition of each event with the membership.

Judy was reminded to save 10 to 11 spots for scholarship winners (2 from EDAC, 8 for the states, 1 for CASFAA) among the forty participants to the WASFAA Management and Leadership Institute.

Ted Malone reported that the by-laws amendment was approved to change time frame of ballot process. General election results: Catherine King-Todd is president elect, Lana Walter is Secretary, Dave Allen elected vice president and, Jannine Oyama elected as Representative at Large. A motion was passed to approve the election and destroy the ballots.

Ted Malone reported WASFAA now has over 1100 members.

Training Committee
Lupita Murphy reported on the successful fall training held at 16 sites and conducted by 7 trainers. The Training Committee has been asked to present Professional Judgement and Return of Title IV at the conference. The committee is also finalizing sites for spring training, approximately 12 sites and 7 trainers. Currently they are not planning to hold a session in Alaska or Hawaii. Topics are Program Participation Agreements, packaging philosophy, FERPA and information release. If not a member, the fee will include dues for next year. It was decided to discontinue classification of "from another region" in the fee structure.

Ted Malone moved and Catherine King-Todd seconded to take the Executive Committee meeting into Executive session. The motion was passed and Executive Session began. Award nominations and selections were discussed.

The meeting was recessed at 4:45 PM and resumed on February 13 at 9:00 AM.

Archive Report
Doug Severs presented a report from Kate Bligh. There are three boxes of archive material to be sorted. Kay Lewis, Lana Walter and Christina Castorena will assist Kate in the last phase of the sorting of materials. The next step will be to convert some of the materials to an electronic format.

Summer Institute
Leonard Walker presented a report on behalf of Kate Peterson. June 24-June 29 are the dates for the Summer Institute in Boise, ID. Overall costs will be similar to Boise two years ago, approximately $450 for residents, $335 for commuters. Kate requests the State Presidents post a flyer to the state web sites. Registration on line is scheduled for early March. The Summer Institute faculty plan to meet in April to finalize the presentations.

Department of Education Update
Marianna Deeken announced that there is a moratorium on policy decisions until new staff is in place. The Region IX training officer will not be hired until after the moratorium. The Region X office has moved to temporary space for several months. The Common origination and disbursement pilot and electronic signatures for the loan programs are the major initiatives for this year. Draft cohort default rates were mailed to CEOs last week. Tentative funding letters are out. Spring/summer training will be one day workshops about new initiatives from the Department. Case Mangement is interested in hearing in your feedback of their service and suggestions for any improvements.

Judy Saling reported that the next deadline is March 2. She requested articles dealing with counseling situations. She also needs information about the Summer Institute and the Management and Leadership Institute. State Presidents need to send in their state updates. Fred Carter will be the editor for next term. She thanked the Executive Committee for their articles and assistance.

Conference Committee
James Martin and Toni DuBois reported that the conference rate is $280 which includes $30 membership dues. Room rates are $89/night. "A Golden Opportunity" is the conference theme. June Cline is the opening speaker and Dr. Mary Ellen Lapinsky is the luncheon speaker. Jeff Baker will present the federal update. Terry Hartle from ACE and Dallas Martin of NASFAA will present "the pulse of DC." It is expensive to get speakers and presenters here and this is an area that may go over budget. March 29 is the due date for the final program. Preconference materials will be sent on a diskette on February 22. The cost for this mailing is approximately $3000 and is significantly less than expended in previous years for the printing and postage. It was too expensive to go off site in this area for social events. The President's Reception will be held in the ballroom with a band. A California Sock Hop with a disc jockey will be featured entertainment the second night. All are encouraged to dress in 50s mode. Nevada and Oregon requested rooms for a state meeting before the conference.

Ted Malone, Doug Severs and Addalou Davis will attend the NASFAA meeting in Aspen in April. Let them know of any issues you'd like them to bring up. Addalou will bring up issue of standardized questionnaires with NASFAA collecting data. Sun suggested that the NASFAA Leadership scholarship winner should attend one of the NASFAA Board events to observe.

Past President Report
Ted Malone suggested WASFAA send out invoices in mid April for those current members that are not registered for the conference. This will alert them that it is time to send in their dues.

President Elect
Addalou Davis reported she has had a good response from the volunteer form posted on the list serve. Most of the committee chairs are in place. She requests the State presidents send out the form to their list serves one more time. Sun Ow suggested that we highlight submitting articles for the newsletter as well as highlighting the need to volunteer for committees. Addalou requests that other ideas for projects in her year as President, be emailed to her.

President's Report
Doug has enjoyed visiting the other states and has presented at several of the conferences. He has found the visits and his role as WASFAA President an enriching experience.

Other Business
Sister Dale Brown requests that committee chairs email their committee members names to her. Addalou Davis requests that State Presidents email the names of the upcoming State Presidents to her.

Tracy Reisinger moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded and approved. The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 PM.