WASFAA - Together We Rise - 2018 - Grove Hotel, Boise, ID - April 22-24

WASFAA 2018 Handouts

The table below lists the handouts presented at the 2018 Conference. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column.

Presentation Title Presenter(s) Document
Federal Update 2018  
HEA Reauthorization  
Idaho Foodbank Overview  
NASFAA Federal Update  
A1 - 2018-19 Verification Kim Wells
A2 - Direct Loan Update Chuck Hirman
A4 - Looking Back, Looking Forward: Are You Ready for the Ride? Brett Lief
A5 - EFC 101 Cheryl Hunt

A7 - The ABC’s of Gen Z: Adapting Financial Aid Practices for Effective Outcomes Pat Robles-Friebert
Danette Wells
B1 - SULA Update Chuck Hirman
B2 - Tax Transcript Decoder Cheryl Hunt
B3 - Together We Win Ashley Munro
Anthony Morrone
B5 - Showing Up for Your Students: Creating Access and Building Relationships Between Students and FA Offices Debbie O'Dea
B7 - Don't Let Secondary Confirmations Drag You Down - Rise To The Top Shawn Domingo
Danette Wells
C1 - Consumer Information Kim Wells
C2 - The More Things Change … Comment Codes 400 & 401 Anthony Morrone
Shawn Domingo
C3 - Understanding Credit Thalassa Naylor
Raymond Yee
C4 - Communication Matters: Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions Teresa Maria Linda Scholz
Christy Byrd
C5 - Professional Judgment Lissa Wayne
C8 - Financial Literacy on your Campus Diona Brown
D1 - Reauthorization/PROSPER Act Justin Draeger
D2 - Having Fun with Taxes - Filing Status and Income Earned from Work Robert Weinerman
D3 - Processing Guides To Help Your Team Rise To The Top Tina Phifer
Ashley Coleman
D4 - Stay on Target - Helping Students stay on course in Financial Aid websites Dana Pride
Gabriela Vargas
E1 - Working in an Enrollment Management Environment Billie Jo Hamilton
E3 - Presentation Skills for the NonPresenter Greg Kerr
E4 - Mindfulness: Strategies for Slowing Down and Living in the Moment Sun Ow
E5 - Would You Read Your Own Website? Dianne Fulmer
E6 - BSS: Income Share Agreements & Innovative Loan Solutions Dennis Wentworth
Ted Malone
E7 - Consumerism in Higher Education Brett Lief
F1 - Sharing FAFSA Information Kim Wells
F2 - Performing a Self Review of your Consumer Information Lissa Wayne
F3 - How the New Tax Law May Impact Financial Aid Robert Weinerman
F4 - How a Low Tech Process can make Your Office More Efficient Laurie Wolf
F5 - How to Make Student Communications Stick Chris Jordan
F6 - Rising to a Shared Understanding of "Financial Aid Administration" Mike Johnson
F8 - Perkins Closeout Mary McGlothlan
PC2 - Re-Imagining the Financial Aid Experience