WASFAA 2017 Handouts

The table below lists the handouts presented at the 2017 Conference. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column.

Presentation Title Presenter(s) Document
Federal Update Jeff Baker
NASFAA National Chair Update Lisa Blazer
A1 - Administering TIV Aid for Transfer Students Kim Wells
A2 - Accessing Your Financial Aid Career Scott Cline
Kelley Christianson
Shawn Domingo
Helen Faith
Jennifer Knight
Nicole McMillin
No handouts available
A3 - Creating an Introvert-Friendly Workplace Julia Padgett
A4 - Financial Aid Jeopardy Kim Thomas No handouts available
A5 - How Students Use Credit and What You Need to Know Ciel Senechal Please contact presenter directly
Ciel Senechal
A6 - Effective Communication to Financial Aid Students Eli Herr
B1 - Resolving C Flags Kim Wells
B2 - Would You Ready Your Own Website? Dianne Fulmer
B3 - Innovative Alternative Loan Solutions Dennis Wentworth
Ted Malone
No handouts available
B4 - Creating a Customer Service Team Barb Boots
B5 - Super Manager - Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For Wally Boudet
B6 - Lean Management in Tough Budget Times Kerry Thomas No handouts available
C1 - How to Detect Fraud Ivan Anthony Please contact presenter directly
Ivan Anthony
C2 - Preparing for a Program Review Mark Diestler No handouts available
C3 - Five Must-Haves for Modern Financial Aid Chris Jordan
Steven Morris
C4 - Student Aid and the Federal Budget Justin Draeger Session Cancelled
C5 - Access to Higher Education: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same Andrew T. Hanson, Ph.D.
C6 - Difficult Conversations: Managing Conflict While Providing Customer Service Sun Ow
Michael Doman
Please contact either presenter directly
Sun Ow
Michael Doman
D1 - Direct Loan Update Chuck Hirman
D2 - Advocacy: The Force Will Always Be With You Shannon Sheagg
Helen Faith
Tami Sato
D3 - How Work Really Gets Done: Using Business Process Mapping to Inform Policy and Practice in Higher Education Linnea Todd
D4 - From Survival Binder to Knowledge-Base: Next Generation Policies and Procedures Eli Herr
D5 - A New Age: How Millennials Think About Banking and Money Management Randy Hawkins
Tip Ryan
Ray Parris
No Handouts Available
D6 - Lost in Translation: The Unspoken Challenges Faced by International Students in the US Mike Davis
Kevin McNamara
E1 - R2T4 for Programs of Study Taught in Modules Kim Wells
E2 - Yield and Retention: The Impact of Financial Aid on Student Success and Enrollment Management Lisa Blazer
E3 - One Letter, Big Results - Using Loan Summaries to Encourage Smart Borrowing Pat Robles-Friebert Please contact presenter directly
Pat Robles-Friebert
E4 - Social and Philosophical Perspectives on Awarding Aid Mike Johnson
E5 - Assets in Need Analysis Robert Weinerman Please contact presenter directly
Robert Weinerman
E6 - Creating a Culture of Financial Well-Being Jacquie Carroll Please contact presenter directly
Jacquie Carroll
F1 - SULA Update Chuck Hirman
F2 - Veterans on Campus - A Panel Discussion Mike Schindler
F3 - Change, Stress and Burnout: The Financial Aid Trilogy Cindy Pollard
Anthony Morrone
F4 - Understanding Credit Thalassa Naylor
Anthony Lombardi
F5 - Mystified by the 1098T? Robert Weinerman Please contact presenter directly
Robert Weinerman
F6 - Bigger and Better - Technology to Transform Your Office and Reduce Your Stress Scott Cline No handouts available