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WASFAA 2015 Handouts

The table below lists the handouts presented at the 2015 Conference. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column.

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Presentation Title Presenters Document
A1 - The FedLoan Experience Diona Brown
A2 - Changing the Game in Financial Aid Management

Please contact Ciel Senechal directly:
Chris Thompson Contact speaker
A3 - Packaging PLUS - A Question of Choice Thalassa Naylor
Kim Thomas
Christina Padilla
Daniel Reed
A4 - Vets in the Classroom - Veterans Student Panel and Information Session Ryan Williams
Jessica Horn
Palomar College Veterans
No handouts
A5 - Preparing Yourself for Promotion - Panel discussion Ron Diaz
Pat Hurley
Mike Johnson
No handouts
A6 - Verification and UEH Bruce Honer
A7 - Who is at Risk for Default? Strategies for Default Prevention Jee Hang Lee
Matthew La Rocque
Michael Copenhaver
Helen Faith
B1 - 5 W's of Student Loan Defaulters: Using Analytics to form Your Default Prevention Strategy Dennis Christich
Pat Robles-Friebert
Ron Lee
B2 - Connecting SAP and Retention Dianne Fulmer
B3 - Student Loans and Credit - An Overview Jacquie Carroll
B4 - Trends in College Pricing and Student Aid

More College Board publications on trends can be found at
Julia Padgett
B5 - Teaming Up for Success! Linnea Todd
B6 - Direct Loan Processing Update

Please contact Chuck Hirman directly at to request a copy.
Chuck Hirman Contact speaker
B7 - Gainful Employment Kevin Jensen
C1 - Managing Loan Default: Making a Difference in 60 Minutes Michael Doman
Heather Tapia-Garcia
No handouts provided
C2 - Developing A Staff Training Plan Ashley Coleman
Nicole McMillin
Charity Strong
C3 - Making Financial Literacy Compelling - Family Feud, Financial Literacy Style! Abril Hunt No handouts provided
C4 - Default Demolition Derby - Data Analysis and CFE Challenges Helen Faith
C5 - First Generation - a Documentary - Video presentation and discussion Sharee Brend
Jill Hanna
No handouts
C6 - Direct Loan Processing - Managing SULA

Please contact Chuck Hirman directly at to request a copy.
Chuck Hirman Contact speaker
C7 - GP Roundtable - Roundtable discussions Linda Bisesi
Tami Sato
No handouts
D1 - Engaging Diverse Student Populations with Personal Finance

Please request presentation by emailing
Raven Newberry
D2 - Your CDR - Is it Good News or Bad News?

Please contact Greg Kerr ( or Rosemary Martinez-Kepford ( for handouts.
Abril Hunt
Gregg Kerr
Rosemary Martinez-Kepford
Contact speaker
D3 - Repayment Options & Public Service Loan Forgiveness Sun Ow
Diona Brown
D4 - Fraud and Abuse - a Conversation with the Office of Inspector General

Please contact Natalie Forbort directly at to request a copy.
Natalie Forbort
Ivan Anthony
Contact speaker
D5 - 2015 and Beyond - Assessing Risks and Rewards Justin Draeger
Brett Lief
D6 - Return of Title IV (R2T4) Programs of Study Taught in Modules Bruce Honer
D7 - Preparing for a Program Review Barbara Bickett
Mark Diestler
E1 - Understanding Your Private Loan Volume Through ELM Reporting

Please Contact Julie Rehder directly at to request a copy.
Cheryl Barnes
Julie Rehder
Contact speaker
E2 - Doing More With Less - An Outsource Option Julie Mitchell-Barney No handouts provided
E3 - Default Prevention on Campus - Insource or Outsource? Mary San Agustin
Dennis Christich
Ron Lee
E4 - Serving Your Military Service Members Laura Hughes
Jacquie Carroll
Rob Smith

E5 - Reauthorization Update Justin Draeger
E6 - Working With Eligible Non-Citizens: Citizenship Documentation and Beyond Bruce Honer
E7 - Communicating in Stressful Situations Jack Edwards
Colleen MacDonald Krumwiede
F1 - Financial Literacy - Trends, Survey Results and Best Practices Jennifer Kelly
Rob LaBreche
View Online
F2 - Student Loan Refinancing 101

Please contact Renee Suryan at for a copy of the presentation.
Renee Suryan Contact speaker
F3 - Default Management and Financial Literacy - Developing An Outsourcing Strategy Mike Mutziger
Pat Robles-Friebert
F4 - Sending the Right Message

Please contact Mark Gotsch at for a copy of the presentation.
Mark Gotsch Contact speaker
F5 - NASFAA Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct Eileen O'Leary No handouts provided
F6 - Consumer Disclosures Bruce Honer
F7 - Improving FAFSA Completion Jennifer Miller

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