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WASFAA 2014 Handouts

The table below lists the handouts presented at the 2014 Conference. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column.

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Presentation Title Presenters Document
Federal Update Bruce Honer
A1 - 150% Direct Subsidized Loan Limits Bruce Honer
A2 - Scholarship Collaboration for Students Lillian Simmons
Emily Tarring
Jack Edwards
A3 - Fraud and Abuse - A Conversation with the OIG Natalie Forbort Please Contact Presenter Directly
A4 - Verbal Defense Influence Mark Gotsch
A5 - Igniting a Fire for Literacy, One Student at a Time David Camacho
Etzal Coronoa
Allison Harting
Jan Marquet
Sierra Marshall
A6 - Total and Permanent Disability Jon Potter
April Hastings
A7 - Understanding Your Private Loan Volume Cheryl Barnes
Julie Rehder
Please Contact Presenter Directly
A8 - Using Technology-Enabled Solutions in Your Office Jon Hazelgren
B1.a - Verification Cheryl Foster-Hunt
B1.b - Verification Manual Cheryl Foster-Hunt
B1.c - 2013 Tax Transcript Comparison Manual Cheryl Foster-Hunt
B2 - Consumer Disclosures Kim Wells
B3 - Connecting Students and Parents to the Realities of "Need," Awarding and Affordability Mike Johnson
B4 - Becoming an Efficient Worker Ashley Munro No Handouts Available
B5 - Engaging a New Generation: Strategies for Connecting with Students Through Social Media Lauren Hogan
Diana Ralls
B6.a - Strategic Approaches to Loan Repayment Jeffrey E. Hanson
B6.b - Strategic Approaches to Loan Repayment Jeffrey E. Hanson
B7 - Default Prevention and Financial Literacy: No Student Should Default! Help Your Students Achieve Loan Repayment Success Teena Cooper
Denise Ruiz
Please Contact Presenter Directly
B8 - When Antibiotics Stop Working Kathy Dixon
C1 - R2T4 for Programs Taught in Modules, Clock Hours and Other Non-Standard Terms Bruce Honer
C2 - Competency Based Education Financial Aid Overview Lesley Phelps
Bob Collins
C3 - Creating Connections, One Student at a Time Terri Eckel
Cher Travis Ellis
Kevin Jensen
No Handout Available
C4 - Education Pays - (But Benefits Vary) Ron Diaz
Leslie Limper
Julie Padgett
C5 - Reauthorization for GP - What Are The Issues? Tami Sato
Vicki Shipley
C6 - Helping Students Understand the Big Picture: Short and Long Impacts of Borrowing Choices Cheryl Barnes
Thalassa Naylor
Julie Rehder
No Handouts Available
C7 - Making the Entire Campus the Solution to a Successful Financial Literacy Program Dennis Christich
Greg Kerr
Pat Robles-Friebert
C8 - Helping Students Be Financial Successful John Garrigues
Greg Mason
D1 - 2014-15 FAFSA Processing Update Kim Wells
D2 - Gainful Employment Tom Babel
Kevin Jensen
D3 - Using NSLDS April Hastings
D4 - Leading the People Side of Change Mark Gotsch
D5 - Student Service Advising Model: A New Way to Connect Scherrie Candelario
Cathy Krussel
D6 - Public Service Loan Forgiveness Lauren Swett
D7 - Default Prevention Tips Michael Doman
Sun Ow
No Handouts Available
D8 - Network Lending: A New Marketplace Michelle Bowman No Handouts Available
E1 - Direct Loan Processing Update Chuck Hirman Please Contact Presenter Directly
E2.a - Managing Audits Cheryl Foster-Hunt
E2.b - Managing Audits Manual Cheryl Foster-Hunt
E3 - Working with Eligible Non-Citizens - Documentation and Beyond Bruce Honer
E4 - Views from Washington - How Laws & Regulations Affect Students and Schools Brett E. Lief
E5 - Partnering for Student Success Jacquie Carroll
Tim Wolfe
E6 - Private Loan vs. Grad PLUS Cheryl Barnes Kathleen Koch No Handouts Available
E7 - Connecting SAP and Retention Colleen MacDonald Krumwiede Please Contact Presenter Directly
E8 - DP Strategies - Early Stage Contact is Key Dianne Fulmer
F1 - SAP - Does Your Policy Make the Grade? Kim Wells
F2 - Implementing Academic Innovation Rebecca Flake
F3 - Findings in Consumer Disclosure Justin Draeger No Handouts Available
F4 - Hiring, Evaluating & Coaching Employees Anita Kermes
F5 - You've Got a Social Media Site - Now What? Liz Gross
F6 - Tailoring Financial Literacy for the Grad/Professional Student Jacquie Carroll
Jamie Hayden
F8 - Going Above and Beyond – Great Customer Service Merle Isgett No Handouts Available

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