Last Call for the 2016 Summer Institute!


Financial Aid Pop Quiz:

  1. What are the three methods a student and the parent of a dependent FAFSA applicant can use to sign the FOTW application?
  2. As of April 2016, what is the federal minimum wage?
  3. True or False: A school is required to include in the COA loan fees for nonfederal, conventional alternative or private student loans borrowed by the student.

How sure are you of your answers? You can learn more on these topics, and many others by attending the WASFAA Sister Dale Brown Summer Institute. We are still accepting registrations for both the basic and intermediate tracks, which will be held at Portland State University June 19-24. Faculty will be teaching from NASFAA University curriculum using NASFAA materials, which will prepare each participant to credential at no additional costs (which would normally cost $1782!).

More information and registration is available online. The cost for training, housing and meals is $775; a commuter rate for those not staying at PSU is available for $525 (prices include a $50 required membership fee and a $25 late fee for registrations after May 13).

We hope to see you in Portland!

Pop Quiz Answers:

  1. The FOTW application may be signed electronically using an FSA ID, signed using a printed copy of the FOTW signature page, or by signing a rejected SAR.
  2. $7.25 an hour
  3. False

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