Summer Institute Scholarship

Don’t forget that the scholarship application deadline for the Sister Dale Brown Summer Institute (SDBSI) is two weeks from today, April 1, 2016. There are two scholarship types available: general and ethnic diversity. SDBSI will be held June 19-24 at Portland State University.

Kathi Overpeck, a Financial Services Coordinator at Kenai Peninsula College, attended the 2015 SDBSI at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. Kathi “found the SDBSI faculty to be professioPSU SDBSInal, knowledgeable, and yet, very real and easy to relate to.” Wondering who the faculty will be this year? Check out the recently updated SDBSI mini site for more information, including the agenda!

You may wonder why the event starts on a Sunday. Kathi wondered the same. “I found out by Sunday night! As we waded right into the overview of financial aid, I realized that this was not a “fluff” conference but rather each session would get us down to the nuts and bolts of financial aid. At the end of each day I was sure that there was not one more bit of information that I could possibly cram in my head however, every session build upon the last and there I was, taking in more!”

Are you ready to gain the same valuable information that Kathi did last year? If so, apply for a scholarship here today.


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